About me




Hi there! My name is Petronella and I’m Dutch. Petronella is an extremely traditional old-fashioned Dutch name. I was born and raised in a tiny, rural place called Hippolytushoef (try to find this impossible place on Google Earth). Today, I work as a freelance copywriter from The Hague in The Netherlands – that is, when I’m not traveling around the world. I love to camp (check out my blog), photograph, sail and I spend a lot of time in the outdoors. Want to know more about my professional marketing and communications experience? Check out my LinkedIn profile at linkedin.com/in/petronellawiegman


Let’s talk a bit more

In the Netherlands, we can think of just about any reason to drink coffee and have a gezellig chat. Shoot me a message if you’d like to talk about my copywriting services over a cup of coffee. Just want to get started right away? Use this contact form or email me at petronella@dutchness.eu to request a quick quote based on the length of your texts. Let me know if you’d also like me to select the perfect images to match your content!